Protect Your Home


  • Spray matresses, pillows & bedding against bedbugs & dustmites
  • Spray along skirtings, on carpets & couches against fleas, cockroaches, ants, dustmites & other cold blooded household bugs
  • Spray behind fridges, inside zink cupboards, behind stoves against cockroaches
  • Inside linen cupboards for up to 4 months protection against fish moths
  • Spray around pet food bowls against ants
  • Spray along window frames & on curtains (does not stain) against flies & mosquito’s
  • Spray along cornices, light fittings, ceilings fans against flies & mosquito’s
  • Spray along aircon louvre’s for dustmites
  • Spray inside pet baskets against fleas
  • directly onto the insect, which causes a lapse in his nervous system with death following shortly

Totally Safe to use on

  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Sleeping bags
  • Other treated items

Cold-blooded Insects & Pyrethroids

Because of their nervous tracts and systems, insects easily come into contact with Pyrethroid substances.  The Permethrin and Bioallethrin molecules are quickly absorbed by them, it penetrates their nervous system causing certain death. The neurotoxicity caused by this product in insects interferes with their host seeking and biting behaviour at very low concentration.

Bed bugs, lice, crawling insects, fish moths & other insects in clothing, carpets & bedding

  • Spray shelves, drawers, wardrobes & cupboards
  • Spray clothing, blankets, lines and carpets
  • Use only a small amount
  • Repeat every 3-4 weeks
  • Permethrin can give up to 4 months of protection on stored clothing and other items

Dustmites are a household concern and causes allergies, hay fever, sinus problems and irritation for humans & pets

Ants and other crawling insects

  • Spray directly onto the insects
  • Spray surfaces properly where insects appear
  • Repeat when insects re-appear


Spray properly inside cupboards, shelves and other places and areas where insects appear or hide.  Repeat often until insects are under control.

Flies and Mosquitos

  • Spray directly onto the insects
  • Spray mosquito-nets, walls and other areas where insects hide
  • Spray rubbish bins, garbage bags, or anything that attract flies
  • Lure flies to sprayed or treated waste of rubbish, like fruit peels, used meat packaging etc.

Pets, Plants & Garden

  • Spray your pets kennel, cage, bed, bird cages, nests, stables and around feed and water troughs
  • Can be used on plants, flowers and veggie gardens for insect control


  • Apply to suitcases, hand bags, luggage when travelling
  • Use while camping, hiking, at a braai or picnic